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About Mo!

Mo Brothers has led an interesting life. 

Mo started playing piano at the age of 8 years old. Only one major problem-he hated to practice. After many fits thrown over the subject, his mom let him quit about age 10. He found music again at age 15 as a bassoonist in the high school band. Discovering there was little bassoon in rock music, he taught himself to play guitar and improvise. 

Having played in bands from The Generation Gap to Stagecoach to Lickety Split to Decoy (none ever amounting to a hill of beans) Mo eventually started playing as a soloist. 

Mo has won solo artist of the year from the Ozark music awards and duo (yep-duo with only one guy) of the year from the Northwest Arkansas Music Awards. He also was in the top 5 nationally in the Sirius Radio "Sing like Jimmy Buffett" contest. 

Everything you hear at a Mo Show is played right before your very ears. No pre-recorded tracks of any kind are used. This allows for interaction with the crowd and free flowing songs. 

Mo's sound has prompted many fans to say: "There has gotta be some Mo people hiding under the stage"